StrongBond Polymer engineer and formulate reinforced composites as ‘instant use products’, which ensures the materials produced from the production apparatus can be either stored for the long term or used immediately, no additional mixing of chemicals or additives are necessary to apply or cure the materials.

Our services range from the supply of our products to supporting our customers with mechanical testing, material selection, application training and the complete OEM and technology transfers including setting up independent manufacturing facilities.

List of Standard Products

  • UV Curing and Twin Curing GRP (Glassfibre Thermoset Epoxy Polymer Structural Laminates)

  • Recyclable ECO Thermoplastics Glassfibre (GRP) and ECO Carbonfibre Thermoplastics (CFRP)

  • SMC ‘Sheet Moulding Compounds’ (Hot Press Moulding)

  • PEM ‘Petrolatum Elastic Mastics’   (Corrosion Protection of Pipelines)

  • Glow in the Dark (Visual Safety Aids)

UV Curing GRP (Thermoset) and ECO GRP (Thermoplastic & Recyclable)

UV curing GRP and ECO GRP laminates are structural pre-impregnated and pre-initiated reinforced GRP, which can be stored or used immediately for a range of applications. UV curing laminates are formulated and manufactured to contain specific properties for different applications:
Whether it is fire and smoke resistance, high temperature, excellent chemical resistance, or inert drinking water grade type GRP, our 46 years of polymer engineering and manufacturing provides our customers quality assurances and solid knowhow solutions.

UV Curing Structural Laminates

(OIP) Over Insulation ProtectionOver Insulation Protection (New ‘ECO’ Thermoplastic GRP Developments)

High fire and smoke resistance and UV stability in accordance to CINI hand book and mechanical specifications.  IMO A653 + IMO Part 2 MSC 61 (67) – A653, ASTM E84, BS 476. Class A, Class 1 and Class O.
Seamless insulation protection and the very best protection against CUI
NEW: Precision made Pre-Cured Cladding Systems available for Over Insulation Protection
UV-GRP (Thermoset) and ECO Thermoplastic GRP (Recyclable) ‘Pre-Cured Cladding’

Thrust Boring

Dragged Pipe and Thrust Boring Protection

Impact, abrasion and corrosion protection with high bond ability to 3PE, FBE coatings and carbon steel.
New – Now available in two options UV and Twin Curing GRP and in ECO Recyclable Thermoplastic GRP (styrene free and fully sustainable thermoplastic technology).


Pipe Support Protection

Wear Pads, Pipe Saddles, Abrasion Slip Strips and full circumferential GRP pipe wraps. Excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection in the harshest of environments


Storage Tank linings

A range of aggressive chemical and high temperature resistant tank linings, including inert potable drinking water products (WRc and NSF approved).


Pipeline rehabilitation

High strength reinforcements and corrosion protection structural pipeline rehabilitation solutions.  Design standards to ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817

Structural Reinforcement

Structural reinforcement

Reinforcement to steel and concrete structures.   High bond strength with excellent chemical and UV resistance.  Design standards generally to: ISO 24817 or in design partnership with clients approved universities

Mechanical and Corrosion Protection of Pipelines

Mechanical and corrosion protection of pipelines

UV curing laminates act as the outer protective layer for the amazing PEM mastic wraps.  The combination of the two materials provides the very best corrosion protection system for above ground and below ground and for subsea applications.

UV Patch UV Wrapping Tapes UV Patch & UV Wrapping Tapes

UV Patch and UV Wrap are produced in different packaging sizes for instant application to strengthen and protect over PEM corrosion protection products and for use emergency structural repair applications. UV Patch and UV Wrap will bond permanently to most types of dry surfaces and also forms part of the Hole Sealer product packages.

Water Activated Polyurethanes
Immediate use in wet and in subsea conditions

Structural tapes and putties are particularly useful for wet application situations.  The products harden very quickly once subjected to water and require little training or skill to apply the materials.   Our products include a range of structural reinforced tapes and reinforced putty for hole sealing applications and reinforcing applications.  The ‘Hole Sealer Plug’ is water activated Nano X5 enriched putty that seals holes and leaks in seconds.

Hole Sealer Plug PuttyHole Sealer Putty

Hole Sealer Putty contains Nano X5 reinforcement.  A fast acting and expanding putty which is engineered as a hole sealing solution in emergency situations for boats afloat and for chemical containment.

black-tapeBlack Tape

Black Tape is durable water activated wrapping tape useful for wrap around reinforcement and protection of substrates in wet conditions. Particularly useful in wet pipeline trenches and aboard boats above or below the waterline in addition to load bearing equipment repairs in extreme cold or wet environmental conditions.

white-tapeWhite Tape

White Tape is a higher strength version of Black Tape.

Black and White Tape can be used with Hole Sealer Putty to aid sealing and strengthening of equipment in saturated and extreme environments.

PEM -The Best Pipeline Corrosion Protection System

Petrolatum Elastic Mastics (PEM) is an amazing development and provides substantial corrosion protection to all corrodible surfaces.  PEM was developed for girth weld and pipeline protection but has since developed into a variety of other corrosion protection uses, including opportunities for instant leak sealing solutions.  PEM is manufactured onto rolls and into different size patches for pipe wrapping applications and leak stopping gaskets.  PEM forms part of the most universally successful corrosion protection systems available today.  PEM is a hydrophobic sticky reinforced mastic wrap material that never cures, hardens or becomes brittle.  PEM is in a constant state of ‘flux’ which consistently removes corrodible elements from any corrodible surface interface.   PEM corrosion protection systems are protected with a UV curing laminate wrap application for long term asset protection.  The combination system protects in the harshest of environments, above ground, below ground or subsea.

PEM Corrosion Protection withPEM Wrapping Tapes

PEM Wrapping Tapes are tenacious self tacking reinforced tapes for the best corrosion protection applications.  PEM Wrapping Tapes are manufactured for different temperature applications and produced in different roll lengths and roll widths.

pem-corrsion-protection1 pem-corrsion-protection2PEM ‘sticky’ Patches

PEM Sticky Patches form part of the Hole Sealer and Leak Sealer range of products for emergency situations.   Instant leak sealing solutions are possible with PEM sticky Patches.

PEM Putty Applied to flange jointsPEM Putty

PEM Putty is produced into sausage shaped tubes and into small box packaging. PEM Putty can be applied by hand or injected into any confined space on a corrodible surface to arrest corrosion.

Special Note:

PEM is a soft, non hardening based engineered product, that looks and feels like a mastic type material.  However PEM will not dry or cure or harden or become brittle with age.  For long term corrosion protection PEM requires a mechanical protection over the PEM Wrap, or PEM Patch or PEM Putty. Long term protection is achieved either using UV Patch or UV structural Wraps (Products 1 to 8) or in wet application conditions using water activated Black or White Tapes.

Glow in the Dark – Visual ‘Glow in the Dark’ Safety Solutions 

Whatever your polymer products or technology requirements whether ‘big or small’ we are always appreciative of the opportunity to discuss, engineer and support our customers ideas, whether it is the supply of our products or the support of your product developments to a full OEM and technology transfer.

Glow in the Dark2Glow in the DarkGlow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark is an Epoxy Polymer corrosion resistant ‘paint’ that can be applied to most types of surfaces.  Glow in the Dark will glow through the night after exposure to sunlight or electrical lamp.   Glow is the Dark can be applied by brush and will cure quickly once exposed to sunlight or UV lamp.  Use for all forms of safety and visual awareness notices and signs.  Typical uses paint as strips or banding around pipelines or other obstacles and for non slip stair treads.  Produced for immediate use by brush application in different sizes of coated cans.

UV curing and Glow in the Dark are liquid products that provide many years of glow properties for safety applications.  Glow in the Dark epoxy polymer is easy to apply and especially successful for lane markings, signs and non slip stair treads.