Core Business

StrongBond Polymer is an experienced independent consultancy team specializing with reinforced epoxy polymer composite type materials.   We have substantial experience gained over the last 45 years setting up operations and supporting our customers in several parts of the world, we have built up valuable knowhow and expertise supporting our customers and the end users.

We provide engineering support with formulations, including the full establishment of new UV Curing GRP manufacturing set up.   We are very passionate and sincere about our polymer technology and we ensure the highest quality standards are achieved, cost effectively.

Our experience and know-how provides reputable quality products, innovations and application solutions to several Industries. These are UV Cured GRP products protecting valuable assets in the Oil and Gas, Marine, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and the Water industries.

UV Curing GRP

StrongBond Polymer is the leading global specialist in manufacturing and developments of UV Curing GRP.  We provide technical expertise to investors, end users and GRP manufacturers and those companies wishing to set up new business operations manufacturing UV Curing GRP materials and products.    We will advise, guide, train and support you through all the necessary disciplines and activities ensuring high quality products and qualification to international test standards worldwide.

SMC Hot Press Moulding

We provide formulations and mould tool support with SMC (Sheet Moulding Compounds) used in Hot Press Moulding activity, as SMC is directly related to producing UV Curing GRP Laminate materials through similar production and manufacturing apparatus.     It is often profitable to have the ability to manufacture the two types of Composite materials (UV Curing GRP and SMC) and have the option to supply several types of products to customer and end users which use the same machine apparatus to produce both material types.

Adhesion to Surfaces

We have considerable experience and knowhow relating to substrate preparation, achieving adhesion to substrates using polymer composites that are applied to Pipelines and dressed to different types of Storage Tank surfaces.

Manufacturing Apparatus and Pipe Dressing Applications

Manufacturing and applying UV Curing and Twin Curing GRP through ‘designated’ machine apparatus is a vital factor to succeeding with UV Curing GRP business industry.   UV Curing GRP materials require specialist designated machine apparatus to ensure the highest consistent quality.   Understanding the importance of precision apparatus are principal to success UV and twin curing GRP business activities.

StrongBond Polymer has considerable knowledge and experience of manufacturing and pipeline dressing applications, which further ensures cost effective and efficient solutions are provided to our customers.